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Dear U.S. Physician:
Canadian Meds USA is pleased to be able to offer this valuable service to your patients and we would like to take this opportunity to provide some general information about how it works. Additional information is available on our website at

  1. In order to use our service, a customer must have a prescription issued by a licensed U.S. doctor.
  2. If this is your patient’s first prescription order with Canadian Meds USA, either your patient or you will also need to complete and sign the Patient Medical Profile to provide your patient's personal medical history, existing medical conditions and known drug allergies. As noted below, this information can entered "online" on our website or, alternatively, it can either be faxed or mailed to us.
  3. Along with the prescription(s) you have issued and the Patient Medical Profile, your patient will also need to complete and forward the Customer Agreement form.
  4. The policy of TCDS is to substitute approved generic drugs for brand name drugs when available unless you indicate on the prescription that no substitutions are allowed or the patient requests brand name only. NOTE: CMUSA and TCDS will NOT fill prescriptions for narcotics or other controlled substances. All drugs dispensed are regulated and approved by Health Canada and generally correspond to FDA-approved drugs.
    • All prescriptions are limited to a maximum of a ninety (90) day supply. (Please note: It is permissible to issue 100 tab/capsule quantities under this restriction.) CMUSA customers are encouraged to obtain a 90-day supply prescription with 3 authorized refills, whenever possible, to maximize the savings on their orders.
    • TCDS determines what constitutes a "90-day supply" by how the prescription is written. However, please DO NOT write a prescription for a quantity that does not agree with the 90-day amount based on the "per day" or "per week" dosage. EXAMPLE: If the patient is taking 2 tablets per day, the calculated 90-day supply is 180. Under this example, a prescription for a quantity of 360 would either be rejected or filled only for a quantity of 180 (or possibly 200, depending on the package size).
    • Please DO NOT write a prescription without confirming in advance that the drug in question is in fact available from Canada. The availability can be confirmed directly on our website at
    • If possible, please use printed prescription forms. Occasionally, we receive unreadable forms and the entire order process can be impacted, resulting in a delay in receipt of the prescriptions by your patient.
  6. All available drugs, listed by strength and quantity, may be found by clicking on the Prescription Drug Search button and typing in the name of the drug requested. Although this list is not all-inclusive, it is updated on an ongoing basis to insure that it accurately reflects the current prices and full range of medications available. Please be aware that the listed U.S. price is subject to change without notice. The actual price charged will be the price in effect as of the day your patient’s prescription drug order is processed by TCDS.
  7. Patients' physicians are encouraged to assist in the completion of all clinically related information. The Patient Medical Profile must be completed in full at the time your patient’s initial prescription is submitted to the Canadian pharmacy. Additionally, with each subsequent new prescription or refill order, information is requested regarding any changes in the patient’s health or in the medications he or she is taking.

    If your patient has asked you to complete the Medical Profile on their behalf, the Profile and the prescription(s) can be forwarded by you directly to Canadian Meds USA by faxing it to 303-933-3625, or by using our toll-free fax number, 1-877-933-3625. Alternatively, this information can be mailed to:

    Canadian Meds USA
    11757-F W. Ken Caryl Ave. # 317
    Littleton, CO 80127-3719
  8. TCDS will review the information provided on the Patient Medical Profile for completeness, check for prescription contraindications, contact you if necessary and forward this information and the prescription to a licensed Canadian physician for review.
  9. Prescription orders will be mailed directly to the patient. Patients should allow 21 days for the delivery of initial orders. Refill orders will be delivered in approximately 14 days.
  10. Canadian Meds USA and TCDS maintain the highest professional standards regarding the privacy of patient information and are fully HIPAA compliant. We will not release or otherwise share any prescription, personal medical or financial information with anyone or any entity, other than the reviewing Canadian physician, the customer to whom the information pertains or the U.S. physician who prescribed the medications ordered, without the express written consent of the customer. For additional information, please review our complete Privacy Policy.
  11. Please call us at 303-978-0505 (toll-free at 1-877-933-0505) or use the Contact Us feature at if you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding our services. Alternatively, you can fax us at 303-933-3625 (toll-free at 1-877-933-3625).

Thank You!