Health And Wellness

Through the internet, it is now possible to bring a virtual medical library into our homes, and Americans, along with people around the world, are eagerly making use of it. Here is a partial list of popular and reliable sources of information relating to health and wellness.

  • WebMD
    Clicking on will take you to one of the more popular health-related websites. WebMD includes a great selection of information on a broad range of topics.
  • Mayo Clinic is yet another excellent website that provides extensive information on a variety of topics, including drug information on specific brand name and generic drugs. You can also do research and get reliable information on a wide range of diseases and conditions.
  • Healthy Eating, developed by the American Dietetic Association, provides one-stop shopping for general health information, Nutritional Fact Sheets, and recipes that taste great.
  • Exercise
    Two great websites are, put out by the American Council on Exercise, provides "Fit Facts" on living an active, healthy lifestyle, and, the American Heart Association’s site, includes an exercise diary and personal fitness evaluations.
  • Men's Health is a large, comprehensive men’s site that makes it possible for men to research and collect information on a wide variety of topics while taking advantage of the anonymity of the Internet.
Health And Wellness