General Information


Beginning in 2001, in an effort to provide high quality, safe and lower cost prescription drugs to American citizens, Canadian Meds USA (CMUSA) partnered with one of Canada’s best licensed pharmacies. Today, having operated continuously for more than 10 years, CMUSA is affiliated with TCDS, located in Scarborough, Ontario Canada. TCDS works, in turn, with licensed and regulated sources in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, the European Union and India to fill orders for patients in the most cost effective and timely manner. All customer orders are checked and approved and filled by highly qualified, licensed pharmacists. This business structure is an outgrowth of the original Canadian pharmacy model – which allows us to provide our customers with better pricing, more flexibility and single-package, flat-rate shipping for most orders and free shipping on orders over $50.00. At the same time, this business model allows us to maintain the same high standards and management policies – without compromising safety and quality. Canadian Meds USA’s management and offices are located in Littleton, Colorado. While CMUSA provides direct customer service on an ongoing basis, our toll-free customer service number (1 (877) 933-0505) connects our customers to our order processing and contracted customer service center located in St. Michael, Barbados.


Why are drugs from Canada and these other countries so much cheaper than in the U.S.? The answer is very straight forward. Canada and these other “first-world” countries control the price of drugs, whereas the U.S. does not. How much money can you save? The savings varies on a drug-by-drug basis and the range can be anywhere from 15% to 70%. A 30% to 50% savings is common for many of the better-known drugs. Additionally, customers are encouraged to obtain their prescriptions for a 3-month supply. By doing so, you only pay the shipping charge once every 3 months. However, orders can still be placed for less than a 90-day supply if the quantity requested matches the package size for that drug. Please check to determine how closely the quantity requested matches the available package size for that drug.


Not all drugs that are available in the U.S. are available from the regulated overseas sources used by CMUSA. Additionally, while the same drug may be available in Canada or other selected countries, it may not come in all the same strengths. In other cases, there may be a time lag before a newly introduced drug in the U.S. becomes available in Canada or other countries. Additionally, reputable online pharmacies, including our affiliated pharmacy, do not fill prescriptions for narcotics or controlled substances.

Safety & Quality

Canadian pharmacies, as well as those in the UK, the EU, etc. are regulated just as strictly as U.S. pharmacies, and require high standards for drug manufacturing, distribution and sale. Nevertheless, anyone ordering prescription drugs from Canada or these other countries should be aware that the sources utilized, while fully licensed in their respective countries, are not licensed in the U.S.

Canadian Meds USA – Background and Key Policies

Canadian Meds USA has been the subject of a report by ABC World News, as well as reports by Fox News nationally, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, various local television stations, and in various newspaper articles.

Canadian Meds USA ("CMUSA") is located in Littleton, Colorado.  Its affiliated pharmacy is TCDS.  Since commencing business in 2001, CMUSA has assisted more than 25,000 customers. All brand name and generic prescription drugs filled by TCDS are mailed directly to the customer’s home.  CMUSA direct debit/e-check only as a payment method.  CMUSA does not charge a membership fee, and there are no hidden fees. Shipping inside the U.S. is FREE for orders over $50..  The customer only pays the "published" price in effect on the date the order is processed.  (Note: Orders shipped to locations outside the U.S. are subject to a reasonable shipping charge.  In most cases, this is a flat shipping charge of $12.00 US.


CMUSA Mission Statement

CMUSA was founded in order to make safe, reliable, "customer-friendly", honest and price-competitive prescription drug service from Canada and other selected countries available to all Americans, whether or not they have access to the internet, no matter where they live. CMUSA is committed to providing outstanding customer service and pledges to continually evaluate its performance and policies against this standard.

CMUSA Privacy Policy

CMUSA and TCDS maintain the highest professional and ethical standards regarding the confidentiality of customer information. Without the express written consent of the customer CMUSA and TCDS will NOT release or otherwise share any information received from the customer with any other persons or entities other than the customer for whom the order is being placed or the U.S. physician who prescribed the medications ordered. For more information, please contact us for a copy of our complete Privacy Policy.

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How the Order Process Works

  • The customer must have a prescription from a licensed doctor.  In the case of U.S. residents, this means a prescription from a licensed U.S. doctor.  If the customer resides outside the U.S., the prescription must be written by a licensed doctor either in the country of residence or in the customers "home" country.   All prescriptions must be written in English and be legible, and include the doctor's information (license number, address, telephone number, etc.), dispensing quantities, refills and instructions.  It must also be signed by the doctor.
  • Orders can be placed in 3 different ways:
    1. By mail to CMUSA
    2. By toll-free fax to CMUSA
    3. For refills of existing prescriptions, by toll-free telephone to CMUSA’s call center.
  • In addition to his or her prescriptions, the customer needs to complete and forward to CMUSA the Customer Registration form. This form can be printed from the CMUSA website. Alternatively, the customer can call CMUSA’s toll-free telephone number (1 (877) 933-0505) and register over the phone, after which the prescription needs to be mailed, emailed or faxed to CMUSA using CMUSA’s toll-free fax number (1 (877) 933-3625).
  • All medications are mailed directly to the customer.
  • Whenever U.S.-approved generic versions of brand name drugs are available, and prescription allows substitution, the general policy of TCDS is to automatically substitute the generic version in order to maximize the customer’s savings. However, either the U.S. physician or the customer can specify on a drug-by-drug basis that no substitution is allowed.
  • TCDS will automatically send the customer a 90-day supply (so long as the number of refills specified is sufficient).
  • DELIVERY. Orders are generally delivered in 10 to 21 days after a complete order has been received by the pharmacy.
  • REFILLS. Refills, along with new or replacement prescriptions, should be submitted approximately 4 weeks in advance of the date your current supply of medication will be used up. Please be sure to include any changes that need to be made, such as telephone number, address, etc.
  • Additionally, as is the case under U.S. law, Canadian law (as well as the laws of our other source countries) PROHIBITS THE RE-USING OR RESELLING ANY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS THAT ARE RETURNED FOR ANY REASON. Refunds or credits are therefore generally issued only in cases where either TCDS or CMUSA has made an error.

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Price Quotes

Prospective customers can request a FREE PRICE QUOTE for the prescription medications they are taking by calling CMUSA toll-free at 1 (877) 933-0505. However, due to the fact that prices are subject to change without notice, the issuance of a price quote does not constitute a price guarantee.