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At Canadian Meds USA, we make it easy to save 30% to 60% on regulated and approved prescription drugs using the best Canadian Pharmacy – TCDS in Calgary, Alberta. We take great pride in assisting our customers with all aspects of the ordering process, including making our website as “user friendly” as possible. We believe that no one should be prevented from taking advantage of the lower prices of Canadian drugs, simply because they are not internet “experts”. This site map is being provided as part of CMUSA’s commitment to excellent customer service.

Below is a list of links to the major areas of our site.  These links are provided for your convenience.  Please use this site map if your are having any difficulty navigating our site.

Introduction - Get acquainted with Canadian Meds USA.
Information - Learn more about Canadian Meds USA, drug reimportation, or use our links to helpful internet sites.
Services - Our ordering system guides you step-by-step through the process.
Contact Areas - Contact us with any questions or comments, including requesting a drug price quote.

If you still have any difficulty finding the information or area that you need, please contact us directly here.

Home - Main Page
· Our main page and a general introduction to our site.
Who We Are
· Learn more about Canadian Meds USA
Why It Makes Sense
· Great reasons to buy prescription drugs from Canadian Meds USA
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Prescription Drug Price Search
· Discover how much you can save with Canadian Meds USA!
Learn about Generic Drugs
· Learn more about the similarities between generic and brand name drugs.
General Information
· An overview of our practices and policies 
Safety and Quality
· Learn more about our Safety and Quality standards
Savings Examples
· A chart showing the savings over US prices when ordering with Canadian Meds USA.
Frequently Asked Questions
· Find the answers to our customers' most commonly asked questions
Our Policies
· Outlining how Canadian Meds USA protects your privacy when using our services
· Why you can count on our services
· Services Guarantee and Refund Policy
Information Links
· A list of links to sites with reliable information on prescription drugs.
Health and Wellness
· A list of popular and reliable health related sites
Helpful Information
· Links to some of the most helpful sites on the internet
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Calculate Savings
· Calculate Savings versus U.S. prices by using the Drug Price Search Shopping Cart feature.
How To Order
· Helpful directions for those placing a prescription drug order with us.
Directions for New Customers
· If this is your first time placing an order, these directions will help you through the process
Ordering Online Prescriptions – New Customers
· Our simple online ordering system for new customers.  It is important to read the directions first though.
Directions for Existing Customers
· If you need a refill or are ordering a new script, this information can help you with the process
Online Prescription Refills
· If you are an existing customer needing to place a refill order for your prescription drugs, this is your area.
Fax and Mail Ordering
· If you would prefer not to order online, then you may fax or mail your order to us
Physician Instruction Letter
· This letter contains important information for your doctor about ordering prescription drugs from Canada and other “first-world” countries.
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Contact Areas
Contacting Us
· If you have any questions or comments, please contact us online
Request A Price Quote
· If you can't find your drug in our Price Search, contact us directly.
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